Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Michael's birthday and he gets a tattoo

Michael's birthday fell into the weeks I was without a computer, it was on the 8th of June, he turned 19. He's been wanting a tattoo for a while and the 8th was the day. The character he went for is Willy the Waiter, who is on the Waikato beer cans and bottles and is Michael's favourite beer.

Waiting outside the tattoo shop

First they draw the outline

Then the artist sets to work

Job done, it took about 40 minutes
That evening we went for a meal in Hamilton city centre, first a drink and a game of 8 ball at Shenanigans

Me trying to look like I know what I'm doing..
We ate at Gengy's, a Mongolian restaurant, eat all you can for $24.95 and pay only $1 on your birthday
The birthday boy showing of his 'tatt'
At Gengy's you choose the ingredients for your meal from a wide range of meats, veg's and flavourings, then they cook if for you, it was pretty hot in there, the plate they cook on is at 600degs..wow! So if your food isn't good you only have yourself to blame, as you chose it!

Then for dessert they make you pancakes and you choose what flavour ice cream and sauces
Michael and Katene
The 'olds'


  1. Anonymous3:13 pm

    Great tattoo. Happy Belated Birthday, Michael.

  2. It's not bad eh! :D I'll pass that on Mel thanks ♥

  3. Hope he realises how addictive they are!! Love it, looks great! In the planning stages of my next one.

  4. I think he does want another one, he wants an English Rose entwined with a fern :D

  5. Once you start you can't stop!!
    Happy birthday, Michael!

  6. That's what I'm worried about Laura ;-D


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