Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A self imposed challenge for July - do you want to join me?

I have so many different crafts projects on the go that I'm not getting any finished. I know it is possible to have more than one thing on the go but I'm one of those people that gets carried away and I have to go with whatever idea grabs my fancy! Hence so many started projects, or UFOs, UnFinished Objects. With only one more day left of June I am stating hitherto and forthwith that July is to be the month that I get things finished, especially in the quilting department.

So here are the UFO's

The dyed wool blanket, hand quilting and edge binding to be completed

Quilt for my nephew Aston

Quilt started an age ago, I need batting so that I can put the back on and hand quilt
A wool blanket quilt for my nephew Jack

I have thing I want to make for my nieces too, but so far have resisted the temptation to start those yet!

This is the textured hexagon wall hanging, this I think will be ongoing, I've lost interest in this to be honest

And old cushion cover I got from the Salvation army shop, it would have been thrown out as the zip was broken, I picked the handles up for a $1 and I thought 'bag'! Not essential but I need to play!
So is there anyone else who wants to join me in a UFO buster?

Perhaps tomorrow I will show you my stash of blankets I'm hoarding!


  1. Not an unfinished project, but a yet to be started project: felting. I want to try making three different things by felting, and think having the goal of doing it by the end of the month of July would be awesome.

  2. I am guessing that this lot will keep you quiet for a while, or not lol!

    I haven't got any craft things on the go atm or unfinished ones because our nearest craft/fabric shop (spotlight) is an hour away in the next town. I have just a few dishcloths to knit up!

    Love the look of your Wool blanket quilt...Oh I was thinking about making some of those window quilts out of bits and pieces of fabric I have here in time for Summer. Better get going on that I suppose as Summer will be here before we know it.


  3. Can I start early? I've got some cushions that need to be finished by the 4th.

  4. Oh my, that's lots of work to be getting on with and my list is very similar to yours. I think I need to join you in UFO July.

  5. I love your blanket quilt!I have knitted cushion covers to finish, and patchwork chair covers to go on the conservatory chairs. One chair is almost finished, and the covers for the other are pinned together and just need machining. I did loads of it in one go and then got sick of the sight of it. I think July will be the month to finish those chairs! The trouble is that we have bought a ' fixer upper' and every room needs a major overhall, so I may be distracted by painting etc.

  6. Start early by all means of it helps! I'll be cracking on with the wool blanket quilt :D One more day for UFO July :D

  7. Oh lordy I have a cupboard full of UFO's. I'll accept your challenge...maybe just one item, I'm a bit time poor ATM.
    Good luck Sue, you've got your hands full there :)

  8. Lisa one is good, just one thing finished would be an achievement here :D

  9. I have to join in on this one! I'm so far behind on knitting and sewing its terrible.


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