Monday, September 19, 2011

Bargain of the week

I haven't been keeping you up to date with or showing you my op shop bargains lately, and there have been a few. On Monday afternoons I volunteer at a charity shop and often I am able to find and buy great bargains as they come in. This op shop is quite particular about the kind of stuff it puts out, if it has the slightest mark or flaw, it will never make it to the rails! To me that's just madness as the vast majority of stuff would be fine after a wash. They of course don't have the facilities or the time to wash anything as so much comes through the doors, so they either go for rags or end up in the dumpster! I've got a few lovely garments by saving them from landfill, all they needed was a wash.

I have to say that looking though my wardrobe this morning I was quite happy with how it's coming together. I'm not much of a clothes horse and I've never been keen on shopping, especially clothes shopping. Being short and round doesn't lend itself to much choice as the vast majority of clothing out there seems to be designed for tall slender things with legs up to their armpits!

However there are more clothing manufacturers making wonderful clothes for the larger lady, I applaud that, as now, on the rare occasion I go into a store to buy new there is a far greater selection. All they need to do now is realise that you don't necessarily get taller as you get wider!! By my reckoning based upon the length of clothes and the width, I should be about 7ft tall!

I always felt so depressed in the past trying to find something in a larger size that didn't look like a bell tent or like a nanna! I can happily say that clothes shopping is no longer a chore which, in the past, always ended in tears. It is now much more fun, in fact I even bought a dress recently! And for anyone that knows me, will gasp, probably faint or keel over and die as I don't do dresses or skirts! But this dress was lovely, I just need an excuse to wear it.

Op shopping is great fun, and we still get out as often as we can, it's the thrill of the hunt I think appeals! To find great clothes, be they designer or just good quality at a bargain price makes me smile. I go with my op shopping buddy Sue who is the Queen of op shopping and has the eye for a bargain, in fact the other day I spotted something before she did and she nearly fought me for it! hahah! She has trained me well.

This is the top, bought for $6 and fought over at the Salvation Army store in town

But the bargain of the week has to be this top, bought new in Farmers department store yesterday. They are having a 30% off sale, they also have a purple peg clearance, set away in the corner was the bargain rail, all items sporting a label with the purple peg, some also had an orange sticker with further reductions. The sign stated that all purple peg items had 50% off the lowest marked price. Originally this top was $40, the orange sticker had $10 on it, so at half that price I paid $5! 'Can't go wrong at that price!' said both me and the sales assistant at the same time when she clarified the price! 'It's mine!' I said. So without further ado, here it is!

I'll try and show more of the recent finds, I might even model them for you, although I doubt I will look half as good as the Vintage Vixen does, I would kill for her figure!


  1. You're good at finding bargains! Great finds!

  2. yep, im under tall too, should be 7 ft as well, so im missing nearly 2 ft
    not a clothes horse either but do possess a certain skill or two. I used to make for shops like azzurra

  3. I wouldn't be any other way, unless I could get hold of one of them medieval torture devices, ya know? Th rack! That would add a bit of height!

  4. Oh, what a lovely compliment, thank you!
    You have got a great eye for a stylish garment, both those tops are fabulous. It drives me nuts when things are disgarded for having the odd button missing or need the hem resewing. x

  5. Hi Vix, lovely to hear from you :D I know it is frustrating about the clothes. At least I liberate some :D

  6. Oh good lord woman, thats a bit dangerous, voluteering in a op shop! Lucky you. I volunteered in the local S Vinnies after I finished high school. Man did I buy some good stuff, 40's, 50's and 60's delights. What do they call it now.....vintage retro.

  7. Hi Lisa if you like vintage retro then take a look at Vix's blog! ;-D


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