Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Decluttering the office

We've been using the office for over a year now, it doesn't seem possible that over a year has passed since we pretty much finished the renovations and started using the upper level of the house again.
Some jobs didn't get finished, mainly because Joe had had a bellyful of renovating and being stuck inside, I can't blame him, but if you don't finish things off they just stare at you until they are done. Joe can switch into tunnel vision mode at anytime (it's a gift) and he can't see the things that annoy the crap out of me! They say a woman's work is never done, if that is true then a man's work is never bloody finished!
Slow progress is being made however and we are making a determined effort to get those outstanding jobs done. So I'll post about those when complete.

Now we seem to have our mojo back, I've got back into declutter mode. Again! It's never ending trying to keep on top of it. So yesterday I got ruthless in the office, it had stuff filed on the floor, the shelves were just storing a large black bag full of papers that were not needed anymore and my workspace was a shambles.

Here are before and after photos, well during and after photos as I had to charge the battery on my camera. First; My workspace!
Taken from my workspace; The built in cupboard. And yes that is a gun! It's an air rifle, bought for shooting possums!
Built in cupboard and the floor filing space! ;-DAfter a few hours of sorting, drinking tea, discarding, drinking tea, checking Facebook, drinking tea, reorganising and a celebratory cup of tea, it all now looks like this....

My workspace;
We took the shelves off, they made everything dark, they will be re-used in Joe's workshop.

The built in cupboard;
May I introduce the floor! That tall white box has the new light in it, it's been there a year! The cupboard;
It still looks pretty full, but it is much better, the files on the top left shelf have been emptied of paperwork and I've managed to condense it all into the 2 large black box files to the right. Most likely I could lose a lot more, but I'm okay with what's left. At some point there will be doors on this cupboard, it's currently at No 35 on the 'Still to do' list!
A much calmer space to work in now, even if it does look a bit boring, I will look out for some nice pictures to add some colour to the walls.

As as we are on the subject of calm spaces, here are today's Dumb Feng Shui quotes (more than one today, trying to bring them in line with the one's I'm putting on Facebook)

#1 Your house has a wealth corner. There are some items you can place there which will cause you to make more money. Buggered if I can remember what they are!

#2 It is better to sleep with your head in a bucket and your feet out of the window than to face the door

#3 Electrical force field energy is very ill-omened. If you sleep with your head near a power point, don't poke it with a barbeque fork

And today's : Toilets are very negatavistic. Do not have one in your home

Have a great day, smile often :D ♥


  1. I like your office! So organised!

  2. Loving the dumb feng shui quotes, I used to work for a normally intelligent guy who would have a fit if someone left a toilet seat up (draining the wealth from the business) or dared move one of his ornamental frogs from it's rightful corner (dispelling negative forces or some such nonsense).
    You've done a brilliant job with the declutter. You put me and my chaos to shame. x
    PS Possum shooting? Really? Are they really bad things to have around?

  3. Don't you just love the feeling when you have done a great job!

  4. It is a good feeling Lynn :D
    Vix, hi :D Possums are an introduced species on NZ, and cause all sorts of damage, especially to native birds etc. They are escappee/released possums used for the fur trade many years ago.

  5. The room looks great.


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