Monday, September 26, 2011

A bit of Spring cleaning and some lovely linen

Spring is in the air, there is blossom on the trees and as you drive around there are lambs skipping around in the sun

Blossom on the plum tree

The bulbs we planted when we buried Bonnie, our dog, have been lovely, I still miss her dreadfully :(

Spring cleaning

The kitchen needed a darn good clean, it was in a bit of a state. So I set to it today and gave all the cupboards a wash.....

....cleared the benchtops of clutter

.....organised my spice racks

..and generally gave it a jolly good scrub!

All cooking, baking, tea making etc is now banned and the kitchen is just for looking at. Anyone caught breaking the new rules will be shot!

Meet Billy Beetroot and Charlie Cabbage

Lovely linen
I have a bit of a passion for embroidered linen and if I see any when I'm op shopping I find it very hard not to buy it. The amount of work that goes into them is pretty amazing.
As I was in Spring clean mode, I decided to iron the clean linen that had been sat in a pile for quite some time, then I found most of it a home.

Most of these are napkins, the piles on the top right I believe are handkerchiefs, they are too small to be napkins. When I hit 600 posts here I will be giving them away, so keep an eye out as it's coming up soon.

Pretty gorgeous aren't they?

A productive day here for me, I now have a back ache (housework should come with a Government health warning). Not sure what will get the once over tomorrow, I might do some sewing instead, I still have the last strip of the Christmas round robin quilt to do.

♥Hope you're all having a good day in your part of the world♥


  1. Your kitchen is sparkling. I started on mine this morning too, but haven't got as far as you. I got side tracked doing ironing instead. So I might get off here now and get my butt back to the kitchen...

    Its a shame to mess the kitchen up isn't it, thats why I think an outside kitchen is a great idea!

  2. "All cooking, baking, tea making etc is now banned and the kitchen is just for looking at. Anyone caught breaking the new rules will be shot!" - bwahahaha. Had a big laugh at this one and then Bianca (my 8 year old) looked at me funny and said "what's so funny?" and of course she won't understand.

  3. I think an outdoor kitchen is an awesome idea Tania! :D
    Lea, Bianca has much to learn! ;)

  4. Your kitchen is so pretty and clean and your linens are just lovely! Thanks for the tour and the inspiration! ~ Kari

  5. Your kitchen looks lovely bright and spacious. Oh yes Housework definitely comes with a health warning...I always end up with backache after cleaning!

  6. Thanks Kari :D It's not bad, I could do with a new oven! :D

  7. Serenato, I think it should be banned! :D

  8. Hi Sue, it must have been the day for it - I did my oven. Didnt get time for the rest of it. Oh well there is tomorrow. Yours looks great. Rach

  9. What a sparkly clean kitchen, I've seen the gun so I don't think you're joking.
    Love the beetroot and cabbage critters. That's the first cabbage I've ever found cute.
    Hope you've had a great day and it hasn't dragged too much with that extra hour. x

  10. lol @ Vix :D We lost an hour, it's spring here so they go forward! :D

  11. Your kitchen looks so clean. I love the linens.


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