Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A - Z of me

Over on Vintage Vixen's blog today she has done an A - Z of me, well not me, but of her, if ya know wot I mean! ;-D Being a nosy sod I thought it was great, I found out a whole heap of stuff about her. So I thought I would do the same as I hadn't really thought about what I would blog about today. So here goes...

A=Age; 48 1/2, gosh I hate seeing it written down! Still feel like a 21 year old.....but where would I find one?

B=Bed size; King, cos Joe has a fat arse!

C=Chore that you hate; Cleaning the loo, see 'B'

D=Dogs; Max the foxie, Clyde the border collie and Bonnie sadly missed. we got cats and cows and goats and chooks too!

E=Essential start to you day; Tea and a pee, not necessarily in that order

F= Favourite colour; Don't really have one, depends on my mood, so black!

G=Gold or silver; Silver, but if someone were to give me say, a gold nugget the size of small truck, then it would be gold!

H= Height; 5ft 1in, I'm under tall for my weight!

I=- Instruments you play; The kazoo and the spoons. I think I'm pretty good on a piano after a couple of bottles of wine!

J=Job title; Homemaker, mother, wife, a good sort! (Director of Joe's small business, I direct him to do stuff)

K-Kids; One son, Michael, aged 19, flown the nest, ratbag!

L=Live; Born in Luton, Beds UK, now living on an 8 acre lifestyleblock, near Hamilton, NZ. Moved to NZ in 2004

M=Mother's name; Wendy, when Michael as a child found out his nanny's name he said "Nanny, can you fly?" (We'd been watching Peter Pan......a lot.... oh so many times!!)

N=Nickname; Don't have one but Joe called me 'Slapper' the other day! Does that count?

O=Overnight hospital stays; One week in 1992 after a caesarian section having my son, and more recently here in NZ when I had my gall bladder out. Would like to go in sometime, but only if they give me morphine again!

P=Pet peeves; When the cat pukes on the carpet! On no that kind of pet peeves...erm, drivers who don't indicate, drivers that indicate and don't turn! Drivers in general! Litter bugs and currently Facebook!

Q=Quotes from a film;
After all tomorrow is another day - Gone with the Wind
Do you feel lucky, punk? -Dirty Harry
Akuna matata, it means no worries - Lion King
Come with me if you want to live- Terminator
I'll be back - Terminator

R=Right or left handed; Right handed but I'm an ambidextrous gesticulator (see 'P' re drivers!)

S= Siblings; Brother and a sister, 3 & 6 years younger than me

T=Time you wake up; Depends on what bastard wakes me up!

U=Underwear; Urban legend says big red bloomers!

V=Vegetable I hate: None, I'm too closely related!

W=What makes you run late; I don't run anywhere, I move at a much more sedate pace, think large cruise liner docking with the aid of tug boats!

X=Xrays you've had; chest Xray. Had a few ultrasounds and a mammogram, industrial size! Not broken any bones yet, give it time, you should see my chest, it plays havoc with me balance...or that could be wine?

Y=Yummy food that you make; All of it I would hope, any complainants will be shot!

Z=Zoo animals;
Elephants(otherwise known as Phunt phunts, so called by Michael after watching Jungle book...a lot...oh so many time!) Big cats.

I enjoyed that! Hope you did too. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to post an A-Z about you! Looking forward to being nosy...oops I mean, reading it!


  1. Great idea, Sue. I have nabbed it as well.

  2. Thank you for the smile and giggle...

    I am the same age as you though I am not writing it as I dont like to see it either! I am just a wee bit older than you.

    This is a great fun post!

  3. Tania anyone who's read these comments will know now! So ya might as well! :D

  4. Go on then, I'll join in too.

  5. Yours was hilarious! I did one too. Not so hilarious!

  6. Linking back to you to join in the fun.

  7. You made me laugh out loud, the "slapper" and vegetable references especially. Thanks for doing it. A most excellent read. x

  8. 1st time on your blog. Loved your post :)

  9. Welcome Luludou :D
    Hi Vix, thanks for the great idea :D

  10. Hi Sue! Ha ha love your meme, nabbed it from Laura but have been following it round the blogosphere too :)

  11. You made me giggle so much when I really needed it thankyou, I decided to do one too!

    It is my first time here too, I came via Our wee farm!

  12. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Love it!!

  13. Fim it's great that so many have decided to do it too!
    achan I'm off to see yours next!
    Mel, did you do it? :D

  14. I joined in the A-Z


  15. Anonymous7:14 am

    hahaha, your posts are great! thanks for bringing a smile to my face and some laughter into my life today :)
    - Hilary


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