Thursday, September 15, 2011

Less than 3 hours to the mountain

Joe likes to ski, I don't. Who want's to spend the best part of a day or worse more than one day on their arse, and on that arse in cold snow? Not me, no sirree! I'll just be content to just look at snowy scenes on the Christmas cards I ask not to get but still do! :D
If my ample derriere is to be planted anywhere let it be on a sunny beach with a good book!

Anyway back to the snow. In less than 3 hours from our place, traveling by car, you can be whizzing down the side of a slippery mountain on strips of fibre glass (or whatever they make skis of), then you can sit perched on some flimsy looking swing seat or shove this thing between your legs and get dragged up to do it all over again! Fun eh!

However, in the next few photos you will see why it is such an attraction for so many people! Being on top of the world doesn't get more beautiful than this.

I will label the photos that Joe is in, the others are the work mates he went with.

For more information about Ruapahu and New Zealands largest skiing area click here

This is Joe

That's him too....look... there he goes! Whheeeeeeee..........

Todays dumb Feng Shui:
If it is too much trouble to look after live fish, simply put a can of sardines in your pocket!


  1. Yesterday's Feng Shui was just soooo funny. I love your photos!

  2. I have never been a fan of skiing. I am know I would break my neck for sure.

  3. Thanks Lea ♥
    I reckon I could too Mel! I prefer teh 'Apres' ski, ya know the bit when you hit the bars and drink til dawn! I was good at that bit!


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