Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm back..again! I'm in and out like a fiddlers elbow!

Did you miss me?.... Whaddya mean 'Miss who?'?... Me! Ya know... me...Sue! Yeah Sue, the silly tart who ain't been posting much lately....the one who makes sure you get a laugh on Fridays!....Phew! I thought you had forgotten me altogether then!

Ok, finally I prised the credit card out of Joe's cold dead hands (not really but it was like that!) and I have bought some more GB space on Picasa so I can add more photos using Blogger and not Photobucket, which is great but it takes too long.

I will endeavor to bring you all up to date with what's been going on, so expect lots of posts and photos! Oh gawd I hear you moan...now don't be like that, ya know ya love it!

First up today, my wee nephew Mason who was born prematurely in April has finally grown into the clothes I knitted for him.

Isn't he just gorgeous? ♥

To see the posts of the things I knitted for Mason, click here and click here

PS At the end of each post for the foreseeable future(read run out of quotes) I shall share with you some Feng Shui, which is the traditional Chinese art of creating good fortune by rearranging furniture and intriducing special symbols such as wind chimes into your home. However this is not just yer ordinary Feng Shui! No sirree! It's special, it's Dumb Feng Shui, courtesy of Kaz Cooke who I would love to be my friend!

Todays Dumb Feng Shui

Your career can be enlivened by the introduction of fish to your living room. Eels can look very attractive bunched in a vase on a side table!


  1. They and he are lovely...he looks well in his handmade jumpers and warm and cozy too.
    Well done Sue

  2. Mason is a cutie-pie!!

  3. Very handsome little one!

    My little one was premmie too, it took ages for him to grow out of size 00000 which is a size most babies never even wear!

  4. Anonymous2:05 am

    So glad you are back...love your blog. Especially your friday funny. What a cute baby !


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