Thursday, October 13, 2011

....and they keep on soldiering on

To all of you that left lovely words of comfort on the post about Saffy, thank you, it means a lot that you care ♥♥


I didn't get around to sharing these with you the other day, so here are some photos of what the boys achieved on their 2nd day

Cleaning out the goat bays: before

The barn; before
..the hay stack; before
Weeding the veggie garden paths, meet Sebastien

Did you know we had a one eyed dog??
Look how funny that looks upside down!
There has been a lot more done since these photos were taken, the weather over the last few days has turned to crap, but never fear my house is getting one hell of a Spring clean!!


  1. I am sooooo learning to expect the unexpected on your blog lol and that you occasionally have a 'one eyed' view.

    Soooooo where do I get some of "these" boys from? It must be uplifting to see some of those chores getting finished. :-)

  2. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Your place is looking fabulous!! I love your one-eyed dog!!

  3. Love the one-eyed upside-down dog.
    What an enormous place and such a huge difference. I could do with those boys round here. x
    PS I've met Kiwi Sue, how fab does she sound?

  4. You have to send them my way when they are done! Ha-ha-ha - one eyed dog... And I LOL @ your little Tupperware thingy on the side!


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