Sunday, November 20, 2011

And a little more................

Joe was on night shift last night, so I really didn't expect anything to get done today. But it did, two coats of karaka (green) on the barge board and the lighter colour underneath which, for anyone who may be interested is double pearl lustre. Next he'll use 'Terrain' on the main part of the house, but that won't happen until Wednesday, he's on day shift Monday and Wednesday.

Another long outstanding job was putting the glass in these doors and finishing them off...
tick box!


  1. Looking really good - well done that man, better give him a rum and coke!

  2. It looks bloody brilliant. Hope you rewarded Joe well for his efforts! x

  3. I cooked Joe some dinner! :D BTW I painted the doors ;-D

  4. Very nice. Does your Joe want to come to Queensland for a bit of a working holiday when he's finished at your place ;'>


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