Saturday, November 19, 2011

At last things are getting finished!

Those of you that have been following my blog for a while (well done for having such staying power) will have more than likely been bored rigid in the past with posts about, renovations and home improvements. We did heaps but today I want to talk about the exterior painting: It all started here and I recapped here and the original post here

I have to say that the renovations all got a bit much and when we actually moved into the rooms here we just stopped and I wish we hadn't as now we are having to finish off all those little piddly arsed jobs!

One major job that we hadn't been able to finish was the back of the house, the highest point is very high and we couldn't afford to hire scaffolding. Joe now works with a chap that has his own! Darned handy that is! So here are a few photos for you to see what Joe has been up to with Michael helping.

The back of the house, lookiing rather shabby, ignore the decking that's a whole different story!

After Michael & Joe had put up the scaffolding, Joe set about taking out the bad wood etc under the eaves

There were quite a few birds nests up there...

New boards and some other repairs complete and ready for sanding...

Because of the restrictions of the scaffolding, Joe is having to do one section at a time, once he had sanded this area he was able to start putting on the primer/undercoat...

Tomorrow he will being the top coat of paint, then once he has painted down to the ground, the scaffolding will be moved across to the next section and he will begin again!


  1. Good to see things happening again Sue.

    Did I hear you're selling the place anyway?

  2. Yes Jay we are, a family is interested, it just depends on if they can raise the finance. Will get so much finished then we'll stop, any buyer will take it as they find it. We're ready to move on :D

  3. It looks lovely already.


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