Friday, November 11, 2011


Apart from the shoes, everything (not undies ugh!) I wore today was been found in Op shops, cost of outfit and jewelry, probably less that $25!
Op shop finds today..
Look Smart $8

$5 from Habitat for Humanity! A bit disappointed with this one, I didn't notice in the shop that it was so bobbly!

I didn't notice the bobbles because I was distracted by this!!...gorgeous bag $5

..five 'new' tops from the Warehouse, $1.97 each!!

..a bit of a saving!!

I had to pop into the supermarket to get something for dinner, and I was rather perturbed to see this (below)... it is quite clearly NOT a two person lift, it's a bloody BBQ...jeeze! Don't nobody know nuffink these days!?

I asked my buddy just how far she would go for me! She said she would jump through hoops...think we need a bigger hoop!

Joe's on nightshift tonight so I'm off to scoff sweeties!


  1. That is one orange dress that one! And wow, quite a big saving! And yes, I'd have to agree that that doesn't look much like a two person lift!

  2. I love that top your wearing, boo-t-ful, I so seriously miss the op shops from New Zealand.. I know they are here in Aussie somewhere and I miss The Warehouse, which my kids used to call The Ware Whare - sounds like (worry Farry)

  3. Lea, I'm glad you noticed their mistake too! ;-D
    Haha that's what we call it too Wendy!

  4. You don't half do well in your op shops. I love that orange kaftan, please tell me you bought it! x

  5. No we didn't buy it Vix but if ya want it we'll get it for ya!! :D

  6. I like your bargains but I hardly ever find things like that.

  7. Debbie I would have missed them too if it wasn't for Sue paying attention to the customer announcement saying that all items on the sale rail would sell for $197 for the next 30 mins! I never listen to announcements lol! But I will now :D

  8. Great deals!! I love that purse.

  9. Wow major bargins! You'll need to extend your wardrobe with all these lovely clothes you keep finding ;'>


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