Sunday, November 13, 2011

Meet Chuck......

Well what's left of him! A couple of years ago we raised a Welsh black steer for the freezer, he had such a lovely wooly coat that I wanted to get the hide tanned, seemed such a waste to let it go down a hole! Anyway after two years of it sitting in the bottom of the freezer we finally sent it off to be done. It came back a few weeks ago and it was put in the loft whilst we had a house full and I had forgotten about it until yesterday when I had to go into the loft for something....

It's so soft and fluffy! Have to watch out for black cats sleeping on it though, ya can't see 'em!


  1. It looks great, Sue, I was so tempted to do this with one of our home kills.. if you don't mind me asking, how did you go about it and was it expensive?

  2. That looks lovely in your lounge Sue, matches perfectly and it is so furry for a cow. Least it was a wooly Coo..

  3. Chuck looks right at home in your lounge!!!

  4. Chuck's fur coat looks great out on display!

  5. Chuck looks fantastic! x

  6. O,Chuck's a bit of allright!!!
    I need a zebra......!!!
    Speaking of allright,we met the site manager for the building work this morning,and he wasn't toooo bad! His legs were bloody hairy though!

  7. Glad you all like him, he tasted pretty good too! :D
    Hey Helga wouls he be willing to wax them legs do ya think! :D


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