Thursday, November 24, 2011

Halfway there..........

Joe's going great guns now and got all this done yesterday. Rain had been forecast but it never came luckily, it arrived today though along with gale force winds. He can't do much more until the scaffolding is moved along to the next half. It's looking good though eh!

One of my jobs was to paint the trim Joe put around the edges on the window seat, that's done now...

That window is rather comfy and nice for reading's also rather comfy and nice for nodding off in!

Don't you just love this fabric? I got it from Spotlight in a sale, I'd had my eye on it for ages. The people who made the seat cushion up did a splendid job..


  1. Love it, just absolutly love it :)

  2. So how's Joe doing with the scaffolding? I can't say that I'm really afraid of heights, but I noticed when you get that high up, there's a bit of a 'bounce' with it. It took me a while to let go of the posts when we were doing our house! Even then I worked one handed for quite a while! lol

    The window seat looks lovely, I've always wanted one! :)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous and that fabric rocks. x

  4. I simply love your window seat!

  5. I love the window seat. Joe is doing a great job!!


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