Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Suesday of 2011

Managed to squeeze in a quick Suesday afternoon today whilst Joe was having a Christmas drink with his work buddies! I thought, or rather City Sue thought I should dress up for the occasion! So I did!
Dress, sandals, bag and jewellery all op shopped
Cardi bought new and cost more than the whole outfit put together! I like it though!

Actually the earrings were from a $2 shop!

My wee haul today, some bling and pair of black sandals that don't look like they've been worn!
Necklaces were about $4 or so each, bracelet $2 and the shoes $7

Also spotted by the eagle eyed City Sue this shortbread dish!
Not bad for $4, and the shortbread should look very pretty!

It's a baking day tomorrow, so see ya then!


  1. Looking really pretty! I love the outfit you chose! And I'll have some shortbread please!

  2. You scrub up rather nicely, Missus.
    How fab to be in sandals and a sun dress in December, if I didn't like you so much I could get very jealous.
    Good score on the shortbread dish. x

  3. Anonymous6:12 pm

    You look wonderful. I love the little cardigan. Enjoy that shortbread.


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