Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Cats were made for smoochin'...

This cat was made for smoochin'..

..and that is what we'll do...

..and one of these days this cat is gonna smooch all over you...


  1. Isn't it wonderful how cats show us their love?

    This could be one of mine, too. She also licks my hair. That's not always so funny, but I can't get it over me to stop her. Unfortunately there is never a second person nearby to take a photo of us smooching :-(

  2. Cool photos. And looks like a very cuddly smoochin cat :-). Our Prince Charming is a rather cuddly cat, but he doesn't like to admit that he likes smoochin because it is not very manly ;-).

  3. Anonymous4:47 pm


  4. I have an award for you over at my blog :-) - http://livinglifenowinkiwiland.blogspot.com/2012/01/award.html

  5. I love that cat! People who think moggies aren't affectionate need their heads looking at. x

  6. Kitty kisses are purrfect :)

  7. Shelagh4:29 am

    My Winston is like that (looks exactly like yours too). For a feral kitten he's grown into an amazingly sweet and cuddly big boy who loves his mum.

    Aren't kitties wonderful?


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