Thursday, January 05, 2012

Gorn fishin'.....

Yesterday we headed over to the beach to our friends bach (pronounced batch = beach house) at Bowentown, near Waihi Beach which is on the East coast and the Pacific Ocean. We love it here and one day we hope to have a bach here ourselves.

We had to wait for the tide to come in before we could go out fishing on Pete and Kerry's boat, so we took a walk on the beach.

In the distance is Waihi Beach, if you look on the right hand column on my blog there is a slideshow of some photos I took on a recent trip.

Joe and Pete..

... it's peak summer time and as you can see the beaches are packed!

Heading out into the harbour for a spot of fishing.....

Joe preparing the rods..

My new rod, it's a purple Shimano Lipstix! Of course it is! I had to have a girlie one!

Kerry and Joe...

Pete and me..........

Me and my purple Lipstix....which is faulty 'cos it didn't catch any fish!

Bringing the boat back in.......

Some New Zealand baches.........

Kerry and Pete's family bach, Pete's family have a Swiss heritage, I wonder if that's why it looks like a cuckoo clock!
The beauty of the older bach's in NZ is that they are all unique, the newer, modern and mansion like beach homes to me, lack the character and charm of the traditional ones..

Pee stop on the way home.....don't worry we used the public loos!
Karangahake Gorge

Mount Te Aroha, the Love Mountain is shrouded in cloud....

Heading home into the setting sun....
Oh how I love this place


  1. I totally agree, the old baches are the most lovely. Looks like you had a lovely time fishing. Up in the Bay of Islands it's all rather packed just now! Wish all the tourists would go home !!

  2. What a beautiful place. No wonder you love it!!

  3. Gorgeous! You know how to make a wind and rain lashed Brit very envious. x

  4. Hey Vix! :D It's been a bit like that here too! And it's supposed to be summer. :D

  5. Mum & Dad10:29 pm

    Excellent,be patient,and this is how it will be for you both ,and you deserve it xx

  6. Mum & Dad10:44 pm

    Thats the way to do it you to great

    Dad x


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