Friday, January 06, 2012

Suesday and a walk by the Waikato river

Had a lovely day, as usual, with City Sue today, a bit of op shopping, a bit of lunch and a wee stroll alongside the Waikato River, it was rather nice down there today....

Here's what I found today.....

Blouse (SaveMart) $7.99

Another blouse (SaveMart) $6.99

Skirt (SaveMart) $6.99
Jury's still out on this! :D

Brown bag (SaveMart $7.99)
Flower bag (Habitat for Humanity) $3.00
Sandals (Salvation Army) $4.00

Sue found this blouse and singlet(vest) for me at the Sallies where we volunteer

and she gave me these sandals that she was going to take to the op shop, it's rather handy that we have the same feet size!


  1. Great bargains! And great finds!

  2. Mum x9:19 pm

    Very Posh

    Mum x

  3. Anonymous10:53 am

    You have to wear the Ra Ra skirt to show of your hot legs!!

  4. Fab scenery and stunning finds! I'd like to see you wearing that ruffled skirt with the second blouse down, they'd look brilliant together! x

  5. Thank Vix, I'll give it a go, the colours in the photo though are a little misleading so it might not work, but I won't rule it out :D

  6. Anonymous5:16 pm

    You always find such great stuff!!

  7. Lovely pic. You certainly scored big today :) Funny how sometimes we come up with zilch and other times it's like Christmas morning all over again!

  8. I am no longer anonymous!! Look out!!

  9. The floral woven bag in particular gives me the horn! Bloody good scoring,I haven't been to Savemart for a couple of!
    o,that river pic is super pretty!X


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