Saturday, January 21, 2012

In the garden - January 2012

Now that it's stopped raining for five minutes we've been able to get outside and try and reclaim parts of the garden. With so much rain and warm weather the grass and weeds had grown so much it was ridiculous. The driveway as you came in was a mess, a few days ago we tidied the entrance then made our way clearing grass from the top of the wall that runs along the length of the driveway to the house. The grass had grown almost to the height of the fence!

Joe dug out the grass on the first section, we'll put some weed matting down and then get a load of river stones
The other half he's cut with the push mower for now....
.,... from the steps that lead to the barn

The flowering garden.......
Silk tree

Views from the mailbox

In the productive garden....
The onions went in a month late and have been harvested a month late
but we've had a fabulous crop
Look at these beauties!

We've also grown the best garlic ever!

A variety of lettuce which we are now picking regularly for salads

4 varieties of tomato; cherry, beef, moneymaker and roma plus a cucumber in here

Green beans

Yellow courgettes
Green courgettes

..plum tree

....and finally my ever present mutts!

Clyde and Max

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!


  1. WOW, I have hydrangea envy, ours has been seered by some fierce hot Northly winds.. the colour of yours are stunning.

  2. Gee your garden is looking good Sue, must be all that rain you had!

  3. Oh, it all looks so wonderful! :)

    You make me miss summer and all things green and growing!


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