Friday, January 20, 2012

Suesday and a bit of a shoesday!

I think summer has arrived finally, I'm feeling rather hot and sweaty, bet you really wanted to know that! Arrived at Sue's this morning, she took the morning off work, and she had these gorgeous goodies waiting for me, nothing like having a bagful before you even get out! Awesome, thanks petal! So what do we have here? Lovely dusky pink/lilac shawl, seen here with the pink dress. 3 necklaces, Sue remind which ones you made!ETA: below I've stated which necklaces Sue made) And this rather lovely bag....

ETA This lovely thing made by Sue

This one made by Sue as well.....

Also in this lot was this gardening book, one day I may get around to designing a garden, at least I now have a book for reference..

As if all those lovely goodies weren't enough I got these too and wore them all day, check out Sue's blog here

Okay, eventually after a cuppa and a natter we hit the shops, finds today....

Sandals, as new: Vinnies...$6

Sandals, never worn: The dump!(I know!!) $4

Sandals: Salvation army in town $5.50

Top: Vinnies $3
Can't remember the name of the shop, kind of up market 2nd hand place, this Long Island top was $17.50, but was brand new, still had the label on, so my most expensive find of the day.. does however look pretty good with my dress that I wore today....

At the Red Cross shop in Frankton I found this huge piece of fabric for $2!! I know!!!

A thought for Friday...

...and on that note I shall wish you all a fantabulous weekend, I'm now off to swill this down me chops!


  1. I'm guessing the glass of wine in your hand was from the bottle you bought because you are smiling? ;-). Lovely finds and those earrings are so cool!

  2. stunning clothes! there are hints of spring to come here in my cornish garden, bulbs are pushing through, the trees have buds usual 10 degrees here ! long way off summer though x froogs

  3. wow ya had ya self some fantastic finds well done i love a bargain!!!

    Enjoy your wine!



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