Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sewing up a storm!

Had a bit of mad flurry of activity in my craft room this week! It started when I trod on my plastic peg basket and crushed it! So I made a new bag from some lovely fabric I had lying around....


Back, velcro for hanging directly over the line or on a coathanger..



...annnd I made my mum one...
Then still buzzing I made an apron from this gorgeous fabric I have, I've got loads of it!

..I did a pocket...

and I even lined it, I wore it tonight when making dinner!

...and then, would you believe it, today I made some PJs shorts! I have no idea what's got into me this week, but I can at least say I've been productive! I'm wearing these as I type!

If anyone want's a tutorial for the peg bag, let me know.


  1. Wow, you have been productive. Now I've got the visual of you wearing your PJs :-). The things you made are simply beautiful!

  2. Very productive. I need to get in gear on my own sewing projects... I have a baby quilt, a soft sided dog kennel, and a pair of flannel lined jeans all on the list, with materials purchased, that I need to just DO!

  3. Impressed, love the peg bag!

  4. Anonymous1:23 am

    Love the peg bag, Sue. I would appreciate a tutorial, i'm in desperate need of a new peg bag but very new to this sewing malarky!! cheers Sally

  5. You really are productive. All that wonderful sewing.
    You should open an etsy shop with your skills.
    I can't sew a straight row on my machine. It always gets zigzagy. Maybe my old hands are too shaky
    But I better blame my machine. That lets me feel better. hahaha

  6. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Your sewing is wonderful. I love the peg bag.

  7. O,yes indeedy,I would like a peg bag tutorial!! I need one of those,our pegs live on the ground,mostly!
    Oooo,I don't really like big crowds much either,and you only get huge croeds like that in the UK!I don't mind old Robbie Willimas,good voice!I reckon he'd put on a good show!You can keep Pink Floyd though,I just don't get them!!!XXXXXXX

  8. Everything looks lovely! Congrats on being productive! :)


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