Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Sporting a new outfit on Suesday - 31.01.12

Last week Joe had an errand to run so I had him drop me at Save Mart, a second hand clothing warehouse. It's huge and has racks and racks of stuff, which would take you hours to look through it all!
Lucky then that I can bypass much of it,
sizes S = Sillysize, M= Minuscule and L = (Having a) Laugh!
Being of ample bosom and generously proportioned love handles my choices are often somewhat limited. But with a keen eye you can ferret out some pretty nice stuff! Just cos I'm a big girl it doesn't mean I don't want to dress up nice. Over the years clothes manufacturers have realised this and are finally getting their act together.

So, Save MArt, on my own, my wing woman was unaware I was flying solo, I found these..

Now it was a week ago and couple that with short term memory loss, I can't remember what I paid, I think the blouse was about $5...

...the skirt $8.99. I think!

They look pretty good together eh?

The skirt has some lovely detailing on it...

Yesterday was Suesday and I thought I would show Sue what I bought all on me ownsome!

It was quite a busy day yesterday and events seemed to run away with us, we only got to visit two places and grab a sandwich for lunch! At Save Mart I found this top for $8.99 Habitat for Humanity this Sirocco skirt ( a good brand apparently, I'm not into labels really) was $7.50

These very pretty flip flops/jandals/thongs (I'm bilingual lol ) were new and cost $5.00

I've had a couple of requests for a peg bag tutorial, so I'll be sorting that out next.
Have a great day ♥


  1. So colour co-ordinates!!! Your trainer wheels have been removed, you are now fully licensed to go forth and op shop on the odd occasion without me. You have my blessing!!! Bahahahahahah!!!

  2. Very pretty outfits Sue, love the green and brown on you.

    Must be time for me to visit the op shops again, might check out the nearby towns this time...


  3. Stunning outfits! You are good at spotting bargains!!!

  4. You are so good in finding nice pre-loved outfits.
    Good on you

  5. Anonymous3:44 pm

    The student surpassed the teacher, grasshopper. You look fab!!

  6. Gorgeous, babe. You know how to put a great outfit together, don't you? x


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