Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The last of the norty forties!

On Monday, 27th, it was my birthday, the last of my forties! The next one will have a '0' on the end. So we thought we should celebrate in style and we headed up to Auckland. 

On the way we stopped at Pokeno for breakfast........ coffee..

...Joes tea...nice cups!

 Joe had Eggs Benedict.....

 and I had sweet pancakes with banana, bacon and maple syrup!

Once we eventually parked the car (two car park pay and displays weren't working) we walked down to the the Waterfront just in time to jump on the ferry to Devonport...The 'Cloud' (below) was built especially for the Rugby World Cup 2011. was a bit windy on the ferry!


View of Sky Tower from Devonport

 I bought these 100% Merino balls of wool for $3 each!

 After jumping back on the ferry we booked to eat at the Euro restaurant owned by Simon Gault

....we had time to wander and get a drink beforehand..

......some very ominous looking clouds.....

Sitting at our table we could overlook the harbour and watch the sailing boats
 Auckland is known as the City of Sails

I forgot to take a photo of the entrees, we started with bread, then Joe had the Buffalo mozzarella and I had the Pekin duck see here for the menu

For the main Joe had the SG Choice Scotch fillet and I had the Diver Scallop risotto with side orders of  Truffle mash potatoes and steamed greens of the day! what can I say about the food other than that we have never ever tasted anything quite like it before! Joe's steak was the best he'd ever had. Days later we are still thinking and talking of the food. It's fine dining at it's best!

 As you can see there was nothing left! 
Although our lovely waiter wondered what was wrong with Joe's watercress!! hahah

Of course we couldn't pass up on a dessert, I thought I might like a port! But decided on a dessert wine instead! A bottle of Barros 1957 was a little out or our price range!! (you may have to enlarge the photo to see, I took the little camera and I'm not happy with the quality of photos it takes)

Inside the restaurant, we sat outside

My dessert, I chose the Aged rum panna cotta, it look too pretty to eat, but I forced myself!

Joe chose a  blue cheese board and some of it was very ripe! And very delicious!

And here we are...........

We had a lovely meal, the service was excellent and the icing on the cake was this! They brought out a plate for me  with a chocolate truffle, wasn't that lovely! I felt very spoilt!

Even the bloomin' toilets were flash!

And there were fish in there too!

Back at the car park I couldn't help but notice that Schindler makes lifts!!

Back in Hamilton we called in at Michael's new place and had a rum! I was feeling about as fuzzy as the photo by that point!

I may already have use for my lovely new wool! Sue gave me this awesome tea cosy book!

 24  patterns with step by step instructions! Oh what one should I do first! The one on the front cover I has to be! Just look at it!


  1. Babes!! Happy Birthday!
    Fark,that scallop rissotto looks HEAVENLY! I'm a bit obsessed with risottos right now,there's a slightly voluptuous Nigella feel to making them...but I digress.
    Yay for having a super day and made to feel ever so special,which you obviously are!

  2. Looks like you had a totally lovely time. I do like me a bit of Auckland every so often. The restaurant looked Amazing!! I wonder if I can persuade mum to fork out for a meal there when I take her back down!!! heehee

  3. Now that was a celebration! what a posh place xx

  4. What a coincidence - it was my birthday on Monday 27th too - and I was born in Devonport, England- it was nice to see Devonport NZ. It looks like you had a fabulous day.

  5. Rocking the Ra Ra skirt really well, so glad you got it!!! Really wanted to see the sky tower jump photos tho'!!

  6. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Happy belated birthday !!! It looks like you had a marvelous time. !!
    Have a great day.

  7. How posh! You lucky thing, a birthday to remember. I'm lusting after that cheeseboard! x

  8. Glad to hear you had a great day for your birthday Sue! I am fifty, dare I say it on the 1st of December!

    Love that tea cosy book and the wool!

    It would appear that your comment thingy is working okay...


  9. I have no idea what I want to knit first!! :D Glad you are able to leave a comment not Tania :D

  10. guess where I booked for mums last night in Auckland...

  11. Sue, Happy Birthday! I'm so jealous! looks like a fabulous birthday outing.

  12. Happy Birthday! what a fun day out and all the food looks so nice.
    You will have to show us the tea cosy when it is finished.

  13. Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing your day!

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSIE POOSIE!!! Hope you had a wonderful day and wishing you a SPECTACULAR year!

    That dinner looks DELIGHTFUL - the dessert especially rocks my world - and the tea cosy book is marvellous. But please do NOT make me one for my birthday on 6 April. Seriously, honestly, I mean it ok, definitely do not make me hot pink pom pom cosy - I would totally hate that one.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely pics! Sarah xxx

  15. Thanks for all the lovely comments! Now Sarah what are ya tryin' to say love! :D

  16. I might be a little late, but nevertheless: a belated Happy birthday to you.
    It seems you had a wonderful time over there.


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