Friday, March 02, 2012

It's Friday therefore it must be Suesday!

Our mutual friend Kerry, dubbed Koo to rhyme with Sue (well it was Suesday!) joined us on our outing today. She's been meaning to come with us for a while and finally we were able to get it together. We showed her some places that she's never been to before so that was good, I'm sure she'll go back for another look sometime. She even bought some stuff, she commented that maybe she shouldn't come too often as she might spend too much money! Nonsense, one can't spend too much money op shopping surely! I mean look how much you're saving by buying second hand! Silly woman! lol

Before I show you what I found today I want to show you my new bag, I saw it on Trade Me (NZ Ebay) and cost $1! I knooow! The postage was $9... sigh! But still a good price, it's a Hermes bag, brand new and an unwanted gift! It's very pink! lol

At Habitat for Humanity I spent $15.50 on a brand new pair of shoes, two Maeve Binchy books and two pieces of pretty fabric.

In Look Smart I found a pair of black Cushy numbers, $6 and the cute gold sandals for $4

I'm still waiting for the lovely Koo to email a couple of photos, so I may come back to this post yet or I may just post it tomorrow. 
In the meantime I will leave you with this...............

♥♥Have a great weekend♥♥


  1. Wow, those are some awesome buys! Love the shoes and can never have to many shoes! We never find good buys like that around here...

  2. That bag is a fabulous colour! yay to an extra member of the Suesday Club. x

  3. Just found your blog. I love the pink bag. The little cartoon cracked me up :)

  4. No way!!! Hermes for $1... that is the bargain of the century. Your mum will probably have to go to a local newsagents for the crochet mag as opposed to supermarket - although our Morrisons has a huge selection of every magazine going. The mag is from USA. If there is a particular pattern you want and you can't get hold of the mag then let me know... if you ever get fed up of that Hermes...I do love pink!


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