Monday, March 05, 2012

Losing it!

Remember these shoes? Well I took them to a shoe repair guy today whilst Sue and I were at Westfield shopping centre, they needed re'heeling! It's right on the other side of town so I don't get over there much. Went in the shop and asked if they could be done,
 'Yes' he said, 'they'll be ready tomorrow!'
 'Oh no! That won't do I don't come here very often I really need them today! How much?'
'Gulp! I only paid $5 for them! But yep ok, do them but I could do with them done today!'
'Okay 30 minutes'
'Cool, see you later'

Just had dinner, I'm in my PJs and ready to settle down for the night....and guess where the shoes are?

At the feckin' shoe menders! FFS!


  1. LOL - that's pretty funny!. But only because it didn't happen to me :-)

  2. You are definitely not alone on this one,I think everyone has done that from time to time:0).... well I know I have.


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