Friday, March 09, 2012

Reclaiming the veggie garden...again!

With so many things going on, coupled with the wettest summer on record, putting the house up for sale and generally losing our gardening mojo, the veggie garden was sadly neglected this year. 
We have made the decision not to sell but the agents have until the end of the month for a last ditch attempt, so I won't say much more about that for now other than we do rather like it here!

We spend a couple of days clearing the paths..hello paths!

Sadly some of the raised beds are beginning to fall apart, they were made with untreated wood that Joe only paid $20 for a pallet load at a reclaim yard. Plus the cost of nails and a bucket of wood paint they haven't done too badly considering these ones were made nearly five years ago. Joe has plans to make some new larger beds soon.

The border on the right had weeds up to the top of the iron! I'm going to relocate my strawberries in here, probably up towards the end where you can just see the wheelbarrow. We might also plant some other berries here. By utilising the fence we can attach netting to keep the blasted birds off the fruit!

Last year this bed had corn, pumpkins and courgettes. This year it had weeds! We need to do something to the left of the bed to make it more easily accessible.

Here is the strawberry tower, which was great in it's first year but not so good this year! Total neglect didn't help much either. The strawberries did manage to replant themselves in the path, an attempt at an escape I reckon!

The tomatoes, that were planted where the new greenhouse frame is (still to be finished) are an absolute disaster this year!!! There has been so much rain a couple of plants developed blight! Next year I think we will have to resort to copper spray or some anti fungicide! I know the point of growing your own veg is to avoid all that sort of stuff! But when you've paid out for plants and the time and effort involved it's a ruddy pain in the backside when you lose half of them! So the blighted ones will be pulled out and burned and we'll see what we can salvage from the others.

We are getting some toms though and cucumbers so all is not lost, shame they decided to ripen once the summer had gone! Mind you summer has decided to turn up! It's been lovely the last few days! 
Better late than never!!!

Have a great weekend one and all. I shall leave you with this! ♥


  1. That plot is bloody massive, I struggle with a few tomato plants in grow bags. x

  2. OMG you have been as busy as a bee with a bum full of honey!!! Do you get the weekend off??? Looks really good doesn't it?? Pat yourself on your back now.

  3. I love your gardens. I wish I had that much space!

  4. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Sorry the garden isn't being good to you. Thanks for the laugh - I really needed it.

  5. Well, there is always another year to come. It can't get worse, can't it? (...and then it comes worse...) No, just joking.


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