Saturday, March 10, 2012

Just chillin' at da beach..........

Joe woke up from sleeping after last nights night shift and said, 'Let's take the dogs to Raglan and relax on the beach for a couple of we did! I love that it's less than 30 minutes from our place. We took our towels to sit on, (which reminded me that I have a picnic rug to finish) a thermos mug of coffee each and a book!  Did you ever play the game 'See the sea!' when you were kids? (still do it now lol) Well the dogs do it too, they are generally quiet all the way there until we get the the top of the hill where you catch your first sight of Raglan harbour, then they start! Max has the funniest whimper and Clyde starts to whine. I should video them next time we go. They just can't wait to get on the beach, I'm not sure who's walking who at this stage, in his excitement to be free to run and the need for a poo Max can hardly contain himself and poops as he runs! A lovely image I thought I would share! Clyde's first priority is to find a stick, he rarely poos on the beach...just so ya know! 
We found our spot and I dunno what it is with Clyde but he just has to dig and this will go on for most of the time we are there! That and fetch the stick...easily pleased that mutt..

Max luvs his dad....especially when he knows he has Hobnobs in his bag!

 Watching the world go by...

Couple of guys fishing...they gave up after a while, good job there are plenty of fish and chip shops

As I lazed on the beach I enjoyed the view, turn your head to the left and ya see this...

 Are we sitting comfortably? I surely arse cheeks were dug in nice and cosy!

Turn ya head to the right and you see this.....

The harbour cruise boat at the 'bar', not a boozy kind of bar but where the harbour entrance meets the sea, Raglans 'bar' is pretty was pretty calm today though..

Joe after his swim...not quite Daniel Craig but he'll do..........

Still digging.............sigh!


  1. What a great way to watch the world go by, on a towel at the beach while the old boy has a swim and the dogs dig!!! Yes you must finish the picnic blanket!!

  2. Wow that looks like so much fun! I miss the beach so much. Can't wait till it gets warmer!

  3. Not a beach in site where I live. Too bad, the dogs would love it!!

  4. What a lot of fun :-) Sounds like a great time!

  5. You're so lucky to have a fabulous beach to chill on! You're looking very tanned, too. Not fair! xxx

  6. I would have loved to share your day out there. Such a day out does heaps to your soul.


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