Monday, March 12, 2012

Had to share!

Remember Suesday here?
Well Koo AKA Kerry emailed me the photos she took that day! 
Are ya ready?

We got a phone call from Hugh Hefner that night but we told him that no way were we going be his playthings! Besides Easter is coming up and we're gonna be flat out!

Ooh looking hot!


  1. Anonymous1:11 pm

    You look fabulous!!

  2. Snap alright!!!

    What a fun day that was.

  3. Goddamm,you gals know how to have a good time!!!
    I'm in love with Max.Just thought you should know!

  4. Great photos! Love the one with the bunny ears!

  5. hahaha. I had a big laugh when seeing your photos. Great!!!


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