Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back in the kitchen!

It's been a while since I posted 'In the kitchen', mainly because we've not really grown anything in the veg garden to be able to preserve, besides I still have chutneys for Africa from two years ago! I haven't done a lot of baking either, no excuses there other than I was just too lazy and the same goes for meals. Not that we haven't been having meals or we might be dead from starvation, it's just they they have been pretty run of the mill or I've already shared them on here before...didn't wanna bore ya! So yesterday I fancied something sweet and had nothing in the cupboards to snack on, we're trying to avoid the naughty stuff. I always have a good supply of baking supplies and as Joe had been whingeing  suggesting that some cakes would be nice I thought today's the day!

Using the Victoria sponge cake recipe which I doubled, I made some butterfly cakes
 This is just half of them, the other half are in a tin, which is probably empty by this morning as Joe seemed to be going for the record of how many cakes can I scoff in one evening!

Whilst I was doing the cakes, I had some bread in the bread maker, it's so easy, get a bag of Edmonds Grain bread mix, shove some in the breadmaker with water and yeast and press a button! I usually just mix it on the pizza dough setting as I like to bake the bread in my oven. The bread looked great but was a bit doughy, probably because it the half pack had been sat in the cupboard a while! I have a fresh bag so will try again later......

.....because we're having soup again for dinner. We had chicken for Sunday dinner and there was enough left to put in a soup, also some veggies and I had some frozen veg, stock and stuff which I just threw in my big saucepan. I tend to see what I have that needs to be used up and in that goes too plus, in this case, some spuds. I left it chunky rather than whizzed it so it felt more like a meal in a bowl. It got the thumbs up from Joe as he had second helpings! I do however feel for his work colleagues today as he had a lot of veg on Sunday then in the soup yesterday...it doesn't bode well for them, they might want to stand downwind of him....just saying!

I'm off out to Cambridge today, I bought a chair off Trade Me so I need to collect that - and as I'm there I might just have to go wander around the Op shops! How awful eh! ;-D See ya later...what you got planned today?


  1. Proper job m'ansom!!!! I must make some butterfly buns! I haven't done so since the children were small xxx

  2. I haven't seen butterfly cakes since i was at school. Yours look very professional.
    That bread looks tasty, I can just smell it baking...mmm!
    good luck op-shopping, I may pop in tomorrow, it would be rude not to. x

  3. YUM Sue :) Am going to have a go at at the butterfly cakes this arvo. My kids thank you in advance!!

  4. Butterfly cakes!!!! WOW!!! Might strap an apron on TOF and see what he can produce!! Hope you do us all proud in the op shops in Cambridge and expect a full and detailed report on your return. Me and TOF are off walking at the Arboratum place, might take the dogs.

  5. Any cake goes like that at my place...think it is a man thing:0)

  6. Anonymous3:11 pm

    The cakes and the bread look delicious.


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