Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ooh ooh!! It's me again!!


Got this rather awesome chair for $30! It was listed on Trade Me (NZ Ebay) for $40 but I forgot all about the auction and it wasn't until I got an email saying that I had a fixed price offer to review and voila! Here it is! I had to go to Cambridge to get it, a 45 min drive or so from our place. I have plans for this little beauty, so watch this space. In the meantime it's hiding away in my dressing room, if Joe see's it I will say 'Wot! That old thing!' Nudge, nudge, wink, wink..say no more!

As I had made the effort to drive all the way to Cambridge I thought I'd better go check out the Op shops whilst I was there. I went in three, not a lot to offer, it's not the same hunting things out when you're on your own! But I did find this Autograph denim waistcoat, which I 'm pretty sure is brand new, it was a bit on the pricey side at $17 but it is a very good brand.

Slightly bored and bereft of friends, poor ole Susie-no-mates, I drove back to Hamilton! I took a detour to see if Sue was home with The Old Fullah as he is off this week so she wasn't meant to be coming out to play. I just wanted to show her my chair! Anyway, long story short we had a bit of an impromptu Suesday. TOF seemed strangely relieved that I had saved him from a walk around the Arboretum and thanked me as we headed out! 
We managed to visit three places Look Smart, nothing there today. Next stop was SaveMart where I chucked loads in the trolley but only came away with this white lacy shawl for $4.99...

...and these great sunglasses also for $4.99, not sure about the dangly bit in the middle though! And NO I am NOT referring to me hooter!

Last but not least we called into Habitat for Humanity where again there was not much to be had, I picked up a couple of craft magazines for 50cents each.....

but then....right next to the counter.....calling me....and I tried to resist....really I did...I swear...I picked it up....then I put it down....then picked it up....and put it down...and then said 'Bugger it!'
....and bought it! 

How could I not!

It was $25 but I fair swooned at it's utter gorgeousness! I'm in love!

Until next time, see ya! ♥


  1. OO sue, you are a supreme shopaholic xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I know! lol! And for years I hated shopping of any kind! I'm making up fro lost time! So many Op shops and so little time!! :D

  3. That waistcoat, those sunnies and that shawl? Are you deliberately trying to make me jealous? That chair's ace, too.
    Love that tapestry, you'd have been mad to pass that by! x

  4. You always find the best stuff!! Love the chair.

  5. That chair reminds me if my childhood. My mother had a couple of them in the 50s with a matching table. I remember it screetched every time somebody tried to sit in it. And one day all were gone....


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