Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sue squared!

 That's what Michael calls us, Sue Squared, pretty cool name eh! I tend to think I am more roundish though but Sue Rounded doesn't have the same ring to it...

Outfit worn today, top $8.99 bought at Save mart recently, the white leggings were opshopped, they cost $5, I think, it was a while ago. Jewellery opshopped.
Photos of our day out were taken by Sue 
you can see her blog post here

We had lunch sitting at a picnic bench at Hamilton Lake and then posed for these, I reckon we look pretty hawt! :D

In Habitat for Humanity I found a job lot of Tena lady, 
but at $5 a pack I thought they were taking the piss!

Today's finds:
Gorgeous embroidered shoes $5
and equally gorgeous bag $5
Crochet needle 50cents
All from the Dump shop!

From Look Smart:
Cute wee shoes $5

And finally at Vinnies:
Three tablecloths, new and handmade by one of the 'old darlings' as the lady in the shop called them.
I've got them earmarked for crafts.

Make sure you check out Sue's blog  to see where we find our bargains!

♥Have a great weekend♥


  1. Awesome finds! L...looks liike you 2 would be a blast to shop withove those fabrics

  2. We do have a blast! :D I should have got some of those Tena lady! Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

  3. Next time we shall do an out of town ticky-tour, what do you think of that?? Cambridge and Tirau??

  4. I love your finds Sue!

    The first picture of your top looks like peacock feathers from a distance...nice. Of course this is only my opinion :)

    Have a great weekend!


  5. You look wonderful in your new outfit.
    Heaps of peacock I thought first, till I saw the closer up picture. Are you sure that you will keep that top? It might fit in here very well, too.
    And with that crochet hook you can start a new crochet project as well....


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