Thursday, March 29, 2012

Quick!! Do another blog entry.....

O-M-G! I was moderating a comment and happened to notice that I have, so far, made 666 blog posts! So I'm doing another quick smart! Just in case it's a bad Omen!

Michael has believed up until recently that the birthmark on the back of his head said 666!
 I'm such a dreadful mother.....bahahahahaahhhh!


  1. Just to get you off that 666th comment *giggle* another comment.
    ...and, you made me smile. That's just what I need right now, shortly before I will have another fight with those awful painters ruining my kitchen und dining room. They should be here any minute....
    I can't wait for the moment I'll see the back of them *grumble-grumble*

  2. you scarred him for life you know??!! When he asleep do you think we should get a permanent marker out and do it properly??


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