Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Feeling virtuous!

I arranged to meet a friend, Pauline, at Hamilton Lake at 9am this morning for a walk. The day had started foggy and it was much a cooler 10degC. Which was fine because after getting round in 40 mins which is blummin' good, I was sweating like a pig and coughing like I'd smoked a packet of fags before getting outta bed! I mean it's good for yer right?? We had a coffee at the cafe there and I was really good resisting cake!! I know! Unheard of me not having me cake and eating it! 

Anyway feeling all virtuous for being so darned good we headed to Habitat, cos I'm worth it! 

Found this rather beautiful quilt for $15! 

Plus a big bag of fibre fill for cushions etc for $5

Then a quick visit to SaveMart before heading home I bought this dress for $12.99. I tried it on about 2 weeks ago but couldn't get it over my head, I did today, so I must be doing something right. Still a tad snug but if I keep going the way I am hopefully it will be fine for the holiday in 116 sleeps time..

And last but not least this feckin' awesome crocheted cardi, just what I've been searching for!
It cost me $8.99

Hope your week is going great so far ♥


  1. I LOVE it all Sue especially the quilt, simply beautiful!

  2. Well done grasshopper, you did good!!

  3. You passed up a cake? Good on ya!
    Love that bedspread and that frock and crochet cardi are gorgeous. Where are you off to? xxx

  4. Love the quilt, good shopping :)

  5. I love the quilt!!

  6. That is a stunning quilt!!!

  7. I like the quilt and the dress is really pretty but I just love that cardi. I'd like one too!

  8. That is a really lovely quilt!...and I love your feckin´ gorgeous crocheted cardi. Very pretty.

    Nice haul, Sue. Well shopped again!


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