Friday, May 04, 2012

It was all go today! Suesday

It was a full day today, I left the house just before 10am today as I'd bought some craft books on Trade Me (NZ Ebay) and needed to collect one before heading to Sues. It was almost in Te Awamutu where we'd gone op shopping a little while ago. Rather than head into town first then to TA I went across country, following my map! Ha! Maps in NZ what a joke! The Kiwis know where they are going..'Oh it's just down the road..." Yeah right! Anyway I got where I was going with no hitches but it wasn't the route I'd planned! :D 
New Zealand gets a lot of tourists and I once asked if they counted as many tourists leaving compared to how many came into the country! Cos I reckon somewhere out there in yet undiscovered Kiwiland, are Rental Camper vans with skeletons of whole families in them and at the wheel, a driver holding an NZ Map in his boney hand, whilst outside billowing forlornly in the wind, are tattered bed sheets with 'HELP!' written in large letters on them... it could happen! Heck a Kiwi woman drove her car backwards into a ravine recently and no-one found her for days...
..and she knew where she was going!
Anyway, as in the words of the song...
I once was lost...but now I'm found...

This is the book bought for $6

I stuck to the the main road back to Hamilton, one Tiki tour in a day was enough for me and I made my way to Sue's.

I had two more books to collect, also bought off Trade Me, so we drove over to Hamilton East, stopping first at Five Crossroads to look in a couple of shops there. One was a Salvation Army and the other the Red Cross, I can't remember which was which!

Found a dog basket for Max $6

All of these needles for $3 and they let me have the circular needle

In the other shop I found a bag of fibre fill for $3
When I was paying the woman said to me..
'Just the stuffing?'
I gave her  a look and said..
'That's the best offer I've had all day!'

Next stop was to pick up the other Trade Me books, the first two I got for $4 and she let me have the third for $1 as it hadn't sold.

In another part of Hamilton East are more shops..
don't ask me how to get there, by now I'd burned all the maps.

The Salvation Army shop yielded...
Framed flower cross stitch, $7, the lady had wrapped it without looking at the price and I thought it said $7! Oops! I will have to paint that hideous pink frame though!

The Salvation Army shop in the city centre was next and like last week, not a lot was to be found apart from this top for $6

Of the last three places we went to, my final purchases of the day were at Habitat for Humanity

Six craft mags, 50 cents each

Pretty necklace $5

..and then it was time to head home...


One last thing! During the week I had to go to Spotlight to buy some nylon cord and some rings for some roman blinds I am making for the upstairs loo and the shower room. It's getting cold, we've had two frosts over the last two days, the first frost in 2011 was June the 30th, so it's flipping early this year! Hope it's not a warning of things to come, or it will be a very long winter indeed! I came home to the log fire lit and a gorgeously warm house. 

Bag of goodies bought for $8 at Spotlight, I shall have some fun with these!

Okay! I missed the Friday Funny last week!
I hope this makes up for it! Have a great weekend ya'all

PS! Today was International Star Wars day! May the Fourth be with you!

PPS! Today I wore...
Jade top, one of the ladies from my craft group gave me a heap of clothes, this top was amongst them
The sleeveless long cardi, was from Save Mart last week
Trousers (Postie Plus) and shoes retail (Hush Puppies)
Undies donated from Hamilton sailing club lmao!

Earrings and necklace Op shopped
Brooch, from Joe after his first trip to NZ before we moved out permanently
 and I need a haircut!


  1. NOOOOoooooo do notcut the hair!!! I repeat, do not cut the hair!!!! Oh and I want to see the undies that were donated by the sailing club!!!

  2. I always wanted to get in to patchwork creation. I really like the blue accents in the outfit you were wearing - it`s my favorite color)



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