Monday, April 30, 2012

Out and about - visiting a friend....

I took a drive out today to see a friend who I haven't seen for ages. She lost her son six months ago and some of us on my forum bought a tree for her to plant in his memory. I felt it was high time I went to see if it was surviving the rather brutal winds she gets at her place and to also see the memorial garden...

The garden

The tree we bought, the name of which escapes me just now.

And now for some animals....

 This is Dolly Pig, I hand raised this bundle of fun...

This is Dolly as a piglet curled up asleep with Max under the computer table, hard to believe she was so tiny! Dolly went to live with my friend when it was getting hard to keep her away from her father!

This is Bert and Beryl, Bert is on the right and is Dollys dad. We don't breed kune kunes anymore, but I do miss having them around

 Here is Dolly again, on the left, Jess is on the right and she is Beryls mum, it's not as incestuous as it sounds haha!

Dolly pig who ate all the pies!

Scarecrow with a view........

The goats....

This pretty girl is the granddaughter of one of my goats Amber

Here is Amber as a kid, I hand raised this madam too! And no! She is NOT on the sofa! ;D

Also to add to the workload is a cattery, it's the Hilton of catteries and cats are everywhere....

We're hoping to get together again next week for  a Tuesday knitwits or a stitch and bitch session,  so I'm looking forward to that as we've not had one of those for a while....until next time..♥


  1. Oh Sue, thanks for sharing lots of animal pics. I love Kune Kune pigs. They are high on list of reasons of WHY we should move to NZ! ..and magnif Sav Blancs, as well.

  2. I love the scarecrow!!! We so should make scarecrows for TOFs sacred vege garden.

  3. O,the memorial garden is lovely.Peacful and beautiful.
    What a menagerie!!! I reckon pigs and goats are MENTAL! Especially goats,it's the eyes!!!

  4. Love your pictures, I have not seen Kune Kune's before they are so cute! and your goats are adorable!

  5. Oh your friend's lovely memorial garden is beautiful - what a terrible loss for her.

    Those crazy scruffy pigs are GORGEOUS - I LOOOOVE the pic of baby Dolly snuggled up with your pup!

    Sarah xxx

  6. That memorial garden is truly lovely, I hope it gives your friend some comfort.
    Those pigs are adorable and I've always wanted a goat. xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Oh my goodness, all those sweet little animals. I love them!


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