Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An all day Suesday!

I t'were up at the crack o' dawn agin this mornin'! Anyone would think I'd wet the bed!
We'd heard that first thing on a Tuesday morning the place to be is the dump shop, well ah can tell thee thar it's not...really! All ah got fer a couple of dollars were these mags, and they weren't even saucy ones! 

Enough of the daft accent!! Next stop was Look Smart, found these slip on sandals for $6

 All I could find in Habitat for Humanity was this Splashy oval plate for $15
To buy new Splashy items are rather expensive and are rarely found in op shops, so I was very pleased to have found this today.

After a pit stop back at Sues for lunch we headed out to SaveMart, I was feeling a bit perturbed by the poor results so far. But all was not lost.

Kate Madison skirt $6.99

Sleeveless, long wool waistcoat/cardi $9.99

And this Sirocco top $9.99, I have a Sirocca skirt that it will go very well with. A good label, I would never pay full price for labelled clothes, but I don't mind paying for good quality pre-loved gear.

Lastly two knitting books, 2 for 99 cents and the coloured stone necklace was $5.99

Today I wore:
Top op-shopped
Skirt from Sue
Bag & jewelry op shopped, one silver bracelet was a gift.
Hush puppies shoes bought retail, cost - everything I own and my first born!

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  1. Just look at you aye!!! Slim pickings today maybe but that shall not put us off from trying again and again and again until we have the perfect day!!! It may take years matey so be prepared to be in for the long haul. It is a hard job but thankfully I think we are up for it!!


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