Monday, April 23, 2012

The sheep shagger............

.....SHEARER!! SHEARER...the sheep shearer came today! :-O

Sorreeee I keep getting me wucking murds fuddled lately!!

Anyhoo...3 of the ewes we bought at the sales recently needed shearing. Joe happens to work with a fella who shears, that's handy! 

Ewe number one...

Ewe number 2

The other four lambs looking on, they will be homekilled tomorrow and we're looking forward to some lamb chops! Yummy!

Ewe number 3 who should be called Tank, cos she's built like one!
Hard to tell at this stage if the 3 we had sheared are in lamb, will have to wait until July time to be sure. Lets hope they are born before we head to Rarotonga!

All done for another 6 months!

An anniversary

Eight years ago yesterday(22nd) we landed at Auckland airport to begin a new life here in New Zealand. The weather was much the same as it is now, clear blue skies and a warm sun.
We've never looked back, doesn't time fly when you're having fun.

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  1. Is that blood on the last sheeps arse??? What did you do with the wool, especially the dark stuff???


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