Monday, May 21, 2012

Staying put, a window comes out and a new book!

 It's a glorious day here today, the sun is shining after a cold start to the day. Not cold enough for a frost, just a heavy dew......

It was also an early start to the day, well for me it was I like to languish in me pit for as long as I can. I woke about 6.30am, that's silly o'clock! Joe was on night shift last night and I was vacuuming when he walked in the door. First thing he said was
'Morning*t the bed did ya!'
'Yes dear, but at least the bed is still warm for you!'
Five minutes later the builders arrived. Now before I carry on I need to add this...those of you that are regular readers may remember that not so long ago we had decided to sell up....well long story short, we're not selling now! The changing over of the mortgage means that we now have the flexibility to finish off some jobs that we previously had no inclination or funds to be able to do so.

So...back to the builder, not named Bob incidentally...he was here to take out a small window in the kitchen. It needs to come out as we're putting in  new hot water system, at present we have a Marshall heater, a type of furnace that requires feeding regularly with wood so we can have hot water. Quite frankly we were getting well and truly p*ssed off with going to have a shower to find no hot water and the wood still in the wood she!
The window came out because it's where the heater thingie will need to go.

The window from the outside (ignore the dirty window I took the photo through)

'Not Bob' the builder taking out the window from in the kitchen.

...and there it is gone...

The boards coming off to be replaced with full lengths, not odd bits here and there which is what most of the outside seems to be.. boards going on.....

Inside...Joe will sort this out once the new heater is fitted...

Job done! Took less than an hour and a half! It just needs painting...

Once that was done we had to head back into town, to the solicitors for some final paper signing. The issues we had on Friday have now been sorted so we're good to go.

When I got home I checked the mailbox and another of the books I ordered had arrived...

I know someone who will like these!!

I'm off for a proper look with a cup of coffee!!

 PS I'm not doing too well with my UFO challenge, haven't managed a thing yet! 
Do we need an extension??


  1. oooooooooooooooh!!! Russian Dolls!!
    Can you teach me how to make them pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!! So need to check that book out. This is quite spooky but the photo of your builder looked like my dad back on, way weird.

  2. That Marshall system sounds like a right old pain!
    The book looks fab, I knew Sue would love it. x

  3. This looks like a great book Sue, some lovely work in there to keep you busy :)



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