Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday sTitchWITs...

Before I show and tell, we've had a slight name change for our Tuesdays, originally it was Tuesday Knitwits, then more recently Stitch and Bitch, but I don't like the 'bitch' part! 
Awfully rude you know! :D 
So it's now called sTitchWITs a hybrid of both names...although some letters tend to stand out for some reason!! :D haha 
Dawn was here again today and she had left a message on my forum saying she was..
" Off to knitwits, stitching bitches witches britches." 
A pretty awesome name in it's own right and well worth a mention and who knows it may well stick! 

Last week we made tea cosies from blankets, not recycled but 'UPcycled apparently..this week Dawn wanted to make a hot water bottle cover, and so she did.. 
(I forgot to take a photo of her tea cosy last week)

It's rather cool I reckon...

..and the  back looks like this, the horizontal blanket stitch is where a pocket opens to allow you to put in your hot water bottle...

I would have liked to make one too but a week ago I set myself (and anyone else who wanted to join me) a UFO challenge. Up until today I was failing miserably and nearly ditched the idea, especially one UFO....luckily it came right today. I managed to complete two UFOs and I will share them tomorrow  when the challenge ends. How are you getting on?

See you tomorrow....♥

PS Thank you for all of your comments, I do appreciate them, I just forget to say thank you, also for your kind words about Ems ♥


  1. Loving that hot water bottle cover, it's just gorgeous. Well done on finishing 2 UFOs, can't wait to see them. x

  2. Oh I do like that hot water bottle cover, so cute.



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