Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Time's up! How many UFOs did you manage?

Talk about leaving things until the last usual. 
I must thrive on pressure lol. 
As I mentioned yesterday I managed to get two UFOs finished at Tuesday sTitchWITs....
and I got another one finished today

Some time ago I started this Picnic rug, it never got finished because we didn't have a decent enough summer to go picnicking!  
Here it is finally......!

The next UFO Zig zag quilt has been hanging around for ages, mainly because I just wasn't happy with it, it was too ambitious too soon in my quilting life! But having pulled it out of the box yesterday I thought hey it ain't that bad, so I put a binding on and it will do just fine. 
I love the colours used.

..And finally here is a drawstring playmat started ages ago for my nephew. He loves Lego and building things but hates picking then up off the floor..who wouldn't! 
Anyway I read about this idea and thought that sounds easy! Well it would have been if I'd thought it through properly, after a few hitches along the way, all of which I am too tired to share, here it is. 
I hope to get it off in the post on Friday..

I still have some UFOs left to do, so I will carry the challenge over another week. So if you didn't get chance to join me this last week then maybe you would like to the coming week.
Remember to leave a comment telling us what you got done and we'll pop in for a look!

My eyes are having trouble focusing now and I've not even had a drink! 

Off to put my feet up! Speak soon ♥


  1. OMG the picnic rug is done!!! Does that mean our work do is back on??? Question: Will we both fit on it or will we have to take turns?? Mid winter Xmas picnic in the Gardens here we come!!! I shall get the fox furs of Marj.

  2. Hi,
    I just had a quick question in regards to your website. If you could email me at your convenience that would be great!


  3. Wow! Those quilts are stunning, especially the second one. Loving the drawstring play mat, I could do with one of those so when I have a wardrobe crisis I can chuck everything on the floor, do up the bag and forget about having too many clothes! x

  4. Sue the rug is huge so plenty of room for our arses!! lol
    Katie not sure how I can help, if you can leave another comment giving me more details thanks
    Vix I thought the mats would also do for storing people in especially ones that are annoying...the cords could be longer and attached to a pulley system and the minute they step on the mat...whoosh..up they go! Sorted! haha

  5. That's an even better idea, Sue! I've got a particularly tedious acquaintance who is just dying to be stuck in a large sack and strung up! x

  6. Oh those quilts are stunning! And what a neat idea you shared.

  7. We have to have a UFO challange again soon, I'm going to have an avalanch soon if we dont


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