Thursday, May 31, 2012

Too much excitement for one day!

The new hot water system went in yesterday....

This is what we used before, it cost nothing to heat water but it's had it's day and it was time to go! This self sufficiency malarkey is over rated ;-D

This is the new system installed, we were just waiting for the electrician to come wire it in properly

It's a little beauty innit

Someone couldn't wait to use it!! 
We should have done this 5 years ago! 

And if that wasn't enough excitement for the day I got a new oven! My old one is stuffed and as it's going to be a year at least before I get a new kitchen so I needed this.... a new nuke machine too! 

On top of all that I signed up at Jenny Craig, time for a new me too, I'll keep ya posted on how that goes. I had to go lie down, such excitement for one day! 

25 years ago today I met Joe at my brothers housewarming/birthday party!
Wow! Where did that time go? Happy anniversary old fullah ♥♥
And a Happy Birthday bro' ♥


  1. Wow Sue, lots happening. I'm so glad you aren't selling your place - I love it and love seeing all your updates. xxx

  2. It certainly was a busy day at your place. Happy Anniversary to you both, and good luck with the new you!


  3. We have been thinking about getting a tankless hot water heater. My husband wants a gas one. We would have to install gas. We are sure we want to do that.

  4. There are only three things more exciting than new electrical equipment for your home - Keanu Reeves, Jakey-cakes and my sister in law's homemade chocolate cake. So a big CONGRATS on your fab new goodies to make your life more comfortable! Happy anniversary, happy birthday, happy EVERYTHING! Sarah xxx

  5. Happy Anniversary! 25 years! Are you allowed booze on the Jenny Craig or do UI have to have a glass on your behalf!
    How exciting about the heating and appliances. Like Sarah they make me very happy, too. The day we got our new boiler we both did a happy dance in the kitchen!!
    Good luck with the eating, I know you can do it! xxx


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