Friday, June 01, 2012

Suesday and quite a lot of booty!

Okay this post is a real quickie, having internet problems...for a change..and I'm trying to get the photos loaded whilst I can!

Sue needed to go to Farmers department store to buy clothing for her new job and whilst I was there I bought this lovely top which had 20% off!

Then we whizzed up to SaveMart and found this lot....
Mags 99c, large bag $6.99, small bag bought for the handle $4.99...

and the very funny plaque was $2.99

Habitat for Humanity : Crocheted(?) top $5

I put a sheet between to show the design better..not sure it worked though....

After a quick pit stop at Sues and lunch, we headed to the Salvation army shop in Grandview
Skirt $5, set 6 rose placemats $6, watercolours $4 each, 3 pots on tray $10 and 3 tins $5

Then into Frankton and at the Pre-loved boutique, Sue found me this dress for $12, that's coming to Rarotonga for sure.....

Finally in Vinnies I found the gorgeous sheet for $3 and the pure wool vest for $4
I have no intentions of wearing it!!! It's going to be felted and be re-purposed as a cushion...maybe!

So quite  a haul today but I've not been out for 2 weeks! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Have a fab weekend lovely people! ♥


  1. Great haul Sue. You will look fabbo in that lot :-)

  2. Awesome day out!!! I dare you to wear the vest to Rugby this afternoon!!!! GO on, you know you want to and I will have my camera there!!!!

  3. What a haul! Loving the crochet top, the hippytastic dress, the Kenyan woven bag and the hilarious plaque! x


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