Monday, June 04, 2012

A 'blind' man would be pleased to see it!

The curtains in this bay window have been bothering me since the day we put them up, but it was such a palaver putting them up I really thought it best not to say anything at the time. The window looked fine with curtains, you can see here. I did however want to put lots of scatter cushions to snuggle into and the curtains just got in the way. So we did something about it and hey presto! We have venetian blinds instead!

How cools are they? I now need to get on with making more cushions..stiTchWITs tomorrow!


  1. That looks really nice matey!! Good spot to read a book or have a power nap.

  2. Looks fab, much more airy and streamlined and a fab contrast to the groovy cushions! x

  3. Mumsy1:38 am

    They look very smart indeed xx


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