Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Got the lime...now where's the Tequila?

None with this kind of lime sadly, we've been here 5 years and never had the place dosed with lime, we've put an all purpose fertiliser on as we can throw that out by hand (granule form). Getting a man and his truck in is by far the easiest option......

You can make out the white dust on the paddocks....

Checking out the terrain, it's a bit higgledy piggledy in places........

There's a soak away drain in this paddock, it's the dark line left of the picture and conifer and just above the deck top....there is no real track here, just a narrow path that the stock use to cross over..

...he came prepared and got his shovel out!

He had no problems getting across in the end, though it will be an area we will need to address soon..

Don't go into the fog!!!

Hen party.....

Using the neighbours drive to spread lime on a very steep bank...piece of cake!

 It's now raining steadily and it is washing the lime in nicely, the grass will appreciate the feed!

Ok, next up...at last my apron book arrived.....

a couple of examples........

I'm so excited I could jump off a dolls house!!

We've been out today so there was no sTichWITS, so no crafty things to share, sorry. Why is that you can be out for hours and not feel like you achieved much? We had a few errands to run, one of which was buying a rivet gun, Michael's new 'to him' ute was broken into last night and his brand new nail gun was stolen! He was raging over it and was baying for blood, so Joe bought a rivet gun. We went to where Michael was working and Joe sealed the sliding windows, they had used to get at the gun! I get so mad at people who take things that are not theirs, they didn't earn them and have no right, 
chop their ruddy hands off I reckon!! 
After that we took our car into the Ford workshop, the engine is making funny noises, the car's gold and plays CD's if that helps! ;-D It's booked in for Thursday. Hopefully it's nothing serious as I'm bloody fed up with having to pay out for endless things that car's seem to need doing to them!
Last but not least we ordered some new shelves for the lounge, they may take a couple of weeks to arrive, they are for the lounge where we put the new blinds up yesterday. They will house plenty of books, magazines and dust collectors AKA ornaments!

First weigh in tomorrow at Jenny Craig, wish me luck. I'll be interested to see just how much weight I've lost after eating all that food they supply you with, plus all the extras I had to buy!

See ya'all tomorrow ♥


  1. Can you bring in the apron book tomorrow please, pretty please with hundreds and thousands on top, please. Love the hen party!!

  2. Thieving rotters! I hate people who help themselves too, why do they think they're so special?
    That apron book looks great, looking forward to seeing some crazy creations! x


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