Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Suesday, first JC weigh in and some new projects!

It's was the first weigh in at Jenny Craig today, I was feeling rather nervous, no idea why. Probably because I felt I'd eaten so much food!!
I was pleasantly surprised at a total loss of 1.3kg's which is 2lb 13.8 ounces (just under 3lb)
Only 18.7 kgs until goal!

It was Suesday today, (and will be every Wednesday from now on) I went to Sue's and she drove us into town and waited whilst I got weighed, thanks matey! ♥ She makes a bloody good chauffeur!

With that good news it was time to celebrate. First stop the Salvation Army Family Store in the city where I picked up this very cool retro stool $5, which I'll recover, maybe, and some fabric, total $3

As my day now revolves around meal times we had lunch at Sue's and afterwards went to Habitat for Humanity Restore, where I found these Indian cotton cushions at $5 each.....
This piano stool (?) for $5, I have an idea for a revamp ...... even has a lift up lid!

a table also for $5, another project....

and finally a craft book! Stop it! I know I have a problem....but it is only one! And the bag, got a bit of a bag thing too it seems and this is a woman who never carried a bag, I just shoved thing's down me bra! Ya can get quite a bit down there! ;-D

I did get some crafty bits from Davids Emporium and some cushion inners at Spotlight but I figured you wouldn't be too over excited about those. You'll get to see them at some point I'm sure.

Hope you're all having a good day or about to....♥

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  1. I want a drivers hat, and you can then sit in the back with a fur on doing your royal wave down the main drag!!!


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