Saturday, June 09, 2012

Michael turns 20...............

...and some early signs of the man he has become....

Little builder is now a builders apprentice......

He's always been a bit of a clown.....

 ..and sometimes he's been quite the Devil!!

But there's something about 'Willy'.....
Willy Wonka....

..and Willy the Waiter!!

He's had a thing about adorning himself in 'green'

Peter Pan ...

..there are no words!

We should have taken heed.....

 “Give me the child until he is seven and I’ll give you the man”.
St. Francis Xavier

...and now for yesterdays birthday photos...

Man at Millets!

 Auditioning for a catalogue!

My boys

He grew some!
(he was on a beer crate I ain't THAT small!)

 Mah boy!

Our family

I made a chocolate fudge birthday cake.....

Happy Birthday to yoooooouuuu!
(all through it he was whingeing 'But I'm 20! You don't need to sing anymore! Pffrrrt!)

The main celebrations are tonight after he's played rugby so there was only one flatmate, a couple of friends and us to sing...

Yay! We survived the 'teenage' years!!



  1. Happy Birthday! He looks like such a great guy. Every pic I see of him he's smiling. You should be very proud!

  2. Lovin' the other birthday photos lots!!!! You should put some of those on his face book page.

  3. Love the photos. What a gorgeous little boy, who has grown into a lovely man. Happy Birthday Michael (great name by the way, it's my son's name too :-)

  4. Gorgeous photos Sue. They grow up so fast these days!


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