Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another loss and slim pickings on Suesday.

The results of this weeks weigh in, the second week on the Jenny Craig Healthy eating plan

Total loss after 2 weeks 2.2kgs

That will do nicely madam!

After weigh in it was time to Op Shop, not much of a haul this week, I was very restrained, but what I did find was pretty good..

Habitat for Humanity Restore

Two trays, ideal for keeping little things in
Stacking baskets, for all those craft sheets I keep accumulating 
An extendable carved book ends
Long tongs (for a future wool blanket dyeing day)
Total spend $11

At St Vincents De Paul
Knitting bag (good for keeping craft projects in & easy to grab for projects 'on the go')
And a plethora of lacy ribbons and trims
Total spend $14

(Took me 3 attempts to pay, new credits/cards and I didn't have a bloody clue wot I woz doin'!)
But at least that wasn't as bad as Sue Tripalot who decided to fall over as we were walking back to the car at The Base shopping centre, I have to say I liked her style and especially liked how she managed to keep her shopping bags upright! Now that's a true shopper if ever I saw one! I just told the people behind us she was pissed, they seemed to accept that! 
I say Sue! Sue! How are yer knees dear?? Should we go put a deposit on that Biker Mobility scooter? ;-D


  1. Its coz I'm 50 and I got a speed wobble on in my new boots!!! My knee is fine thanks for asking mate, have you stopped pissing yourself laughing yet????

  2. Well done, that's a brilliant achievement!
    Is that rik-rak I spy in amongst your haul? x

  3. No I don't think there;s any rik rak in that lot Vix, I think I know which one you mean though, would it be the black on the card at the back? It's some kind of wool like trim :D

  4. Looks like some great finds. Now we need to find someone to follow and video you and sues2 as you shop...think I see a funny video in the making. what are the plans for the trims?

  5. Well done with your weight loss. You are so good at finding bargains!

  6. you make me laugh! that's a great weight loss,well done!


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