Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chuffed to bits today!

I'm rather chuffed with myself today, another 500gm(1.1 pound) loss in weight, so a total of 3.2kgs (just over 7pounds, half a stone) . 
And as it's been a month (4 wks) since I started on Jenny Craig I got measured too, 
and the result just blew me away! 
40 cm's(nearly 16 inches) total measurement loss! 
That's total cm's lost from me boobs, waist, hips and thighs! I came out skipping I tell ya! 
There are 24 more sleeps and three more weigh ins until Rarotonga, which means if I want to achieve my mini goal of a 5kg (11 pounds) loss before the hols, I need to lose 600gms (1.3 pounds) a week. This week I finally got my mindset right for exercising, for the last two days I've done 20 minutes on the exercise bike. Now I'm all fired up with the cms lost I aim to do 20mins on the bike everyday until we go, if not the bike then walking depending on the weather.

This is me and Sue just about to head out after lunch for the afternoon op shop session

Just stole this one off Sue's blog!

Right there was a ton of bounty today so I shall just get on wiv it.....

Red Cross Frankton - total spend $3.20
Embroidered square tablecloth
Cocktail forks

Hospice shop total $10.00
Assorted braids, ribbons, cotton, curtain rufflette

Gateway total $8
Stool (future project), wool blanket
Cat optional!

Te Rapa Salvation army store total $11.00
2 cross stitch patterns, 1 embroidery
Embroidered tablecloth.

Exercise mat ($5)

Habitat for Humanity total $6
Book ($5) and a zip, no photo of the zip I figured if you've seen one zip you've seen 'em all!

Right I'm knackered and it's time to go put me feet up! Night all ♥


  1. ZIP!! or is it a fly?? Thanks for another fun filled day ma'am.

  2. WEll done, that's a brilliant achievement.
    You and Sue look bloody gorgeous. I'd love to join you for an op-shop extravaganza one day. xxx


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