Tuesday, June 26, 2012

sTitchWITS - Pins and needles.....

Getting sidetracked yesterday in the craft room when I should have been tidying it made me realise that I needed to make more things in order to tidy it properly! 
No, really I did, honest, cross me heart bra and hope me knickers don't fall down!

I had stuff strewn all over the sewing table, silly piddly little bits that you have to rummage through to find what you want. In amongst all them bits were a load of pins and needles so as you can imagine I squealed like a stuck pig every time I got stabbed, I really don't think I could ever do acupuncture! I do have a very cute crocheted teacup pin cushion but it's full of pins already, and quite frankly I have lots of pins!
So after three design attempts and the first two failing miserably I used the K.I.S.S. method.
(Keep It Simple Stoopid)

Below left is my new pin cushion and on the right is a roll up case for needles

The pin cushion is two circles of old blanket, blanket stitched around the edge, I popped a flower on top, stuffed it to within an inch of it's life and there it was done! Cute eh! :-D

Next up was the roll up case for the needles

It wasn't until I had finished it that I realised I had missed a blue out! Ah well it's only for needles.
It ain't too pretty and the machine blanket stitching is a little wonky. I shall call it 'rustic'.

Over on the back/outside...a piece of ribbon ties it all together.

Weigh in at Jenny Craig and Suesday tomorrow, see ya then!

Oh and PS Thank you to all of you who left comments yesterday, I feel a lot better knowing I'm not the only nutjob person easily distracted. I have instructed Joe to put away the straight jacket....for now!


  1. What pretties! Guaranteed to make sewing more fun. x

  2. Oh that is a neat idea for your needles.


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