Monday, July 02, 2012

Builders crack.........

....on with another job. 
What was you thinkin'? Get yer minds outta the gutter! ;-D

On the upper deck (sounds like a cruise liner, maybe Titanic!) we have this porch roof thingie. Originally the upper level of our house was on a farm down the road, some years back it was brought by a huge truck to where it sits now, it was raised up and the lower level built underneath. At some stage the porch was built over a door, possibly leading into a kitchen. There's a little history attached to this house and one day I'll get organised and share some of it with you along with some photos.

But in the meantime, here is what I'm talking about...

The porch, sitting doing nothing but block light into the office
Taken standing on the drive near the front door..... as you can see the deck is in need of some repair.

Another view, reflecting the orange of the rising sun...

Taken from the lounge door........

Work in progress.....

Job almost done, the builder forgot to bring some flashing for around the window, he'll come back and do that tomorrow. All it needs now is a couple of coats of paint.

So much better....

Now that it's gone the deck can now be dismantled, we're replacing it come spring, the damned thing is rotten and I've not been outside on it for at least 3 years!! That's because when we were painting the outside of the house one of the supports gave way and my leg went through it! 
It was okay though me arse stopped me going right through! haha!

And now to finish, some photos of the rising sun this morning, it wasn't as quite as dark as the pictures suggest but I think they look rather cool.

How you all doing? How's your day?

'til next time ♥


  1. Your house is gorgeous and the scenery takes my breath away. Want a lodger? x

  2. Jeez mate, how early were you up this morning???? Nice pics.

  3. It's looking good! You've done such a wonderful job on this monster remodel. Bet you cant wait to see it DONE! I'd love to see the homes history 8-D Changes a home goes through from family to family just amaze me


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